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Straight Is Great

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Straight is Great and Other Things Your Teeth Want You To Know…Grandmother and Granddaughter

Its not news that a great smile reaps dividends. First impressions are weighted by a bright and confident smile, things like trust and appreciation are a little more effortlessly gained just by sharing a confident smile. Conversely, confidence is easier to cultivate when we are well received,  both points making a good argument for getting straight teeth. Less often considered are the number of other health benefits that come from having straight teeth.

Smell Like Roses

Perfectly aligned teeth stay cleaner. Clean teeth smell better, a benefit of nicely aligned teeth, less places for smelly bacteria to hideout.  Malocclusions (teeth that are misaligned)  tend to create crowded spaces that are more difficult to clean making removal of plaque or tarter unsuccessful. Current scientific evidence has conclusively established a link between gum diseases–caused by plaque and tartar deposits–and other, more serious health maladies. Definitive studies demonstrate there are links between big health issues like heart disease, diabetes, even birth defects and gum disease.

Cracks Weaken the Overall Health of Teeth

Teeth are at an elevated risk of fracturing and breaking when teeth are not in proper alignment, but even seemingly minor malocclusions (misaligned teeth) can lead to defects like cracks in enamel. Broken teeth are cause for immediate dental attention, but cracks and fissures may not be immediately evident. Over time those small breaches in the enamel can significantly weaken teeth, making them more likely to break or shatter later. Cracks can make teeth more susceptible to sensitivity as well.

In Your Gut

Seriously misaligned teeth can impede proper chewing thereby interfering with the ideal digestion process. Potentially preventing proper nutrition as well.

Long Haul

Overtime, improper alignment of teeth can lead to other problems too, headaches, uneven tooth wear, jaw clenching, are a few of the other things that are linked to poor alignment of teeth. Straight teeth are ideal, for a lot of reasons. Having straight teeth won’t guarantee preventing problems with oral health but straight teeth definitely give an advantage to not only oral health but also help build great confidence and impart good first impressions.


It’s never too late to get a better smile.

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