The Power of Influence and first impressions
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The Power of Influence and the Science Behind it: First Impressions

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A healthy and genuine smile makes a big first impression


One brief chance to give your best, to influence a perception of the best version of you, is all any of us get to make a convincing first impression. A few moments of researching and the results are evident, from the moment you utter as few as two syllables or flash a smile your audience makes a snap judgment about your sincerity, your trustworthiness and your overall likability. Today, more than ever before, people are in a hurry and must make decisions quickly and efficiently, everyone needs to have their arsenal ready in order to sway the masses.

Sure, attire and looks play a part in the impression that those around you will develop, but smiling will be the most overpowering component of that opinion. “Smile and the world smiles with you” only holds true when the smile is real, genuine and confident. Statistically over 60% of participants in a recent survey reported noticing teeth and smile first, before eyes, clothes, body size or shape, even hair, among other common components of a first meeting. Smiles were rated almost twice as important in a potential partner, even more so than physique.  The science says that we are hardwired to make snap judgements for the sake of–not just advancing our own cause but as a matter of–survival.

Who we choose to invest time, energy, finances, even our most intimate self is decided right from the start of a relationship, during that first encounter, and the science invested in proving this fact shows we make up our minds fast, sometime at first glance,  often by the time we’ve uttered the first words to our introduction.  All of this reinforces that efforts invested in putting your best foot forward are not in vain, so long as putting forth your best “foot” means having the brightest and healthiest smile you can.

Poor quality of smile and teeth may send a subliminal message that you are not healthy, not vibrant enough or in the case of dirty or stained teeth, may even signal laziness, inability to prioritize and lack of attention to details. Don’t despair, if your teeth and smile need an overhaul there are important steps that can polish any smile and perfect even the most lackluster smile. So how do you go about ensuring that yours is a winning smile?


A healthy mouth regime includes frequent toothbrush replacements and regular brushing.

First you must have a foolproof dental regimen to include both an at home and at the dentist routine:

  1. Start by making your dental routine part of your everyday routine, like getting dressed or using moisturiser. A good routine will include brushing morning and night (at a minimum) and flossing daily.
  2. Make sure your toothbrush stays in good condition. Curled and frayed bristles deflect and curl away from debris and deposits during brushing, missing between and on teeth. Replace your toothbrush or toothbrush head every three months on average.
  3. Flossing everyday and after meals will not only help your breath stay clean and fresh but circumvent smelly bacterial colonies trying to get a foothold in the more remote crevices between teeth.
  4. Mouthwash can be an added layer of defense in keeping teeth pearly white and free of decay.
  5. Set regular dental appointments for annual and biannual check ups and cleanings and keep them!

Even a perfect smile regimen can’t fix smiles that are less than perfect, so the last tool in your armament may need to be a professional who has the training and experience to fill in the gaps, restore or create the rest of the perfect smile you deserve. For the best team, with the most technical, real world expertise, and the latest tools to create a flawless smile call our office today.  Mansfield Dental Center features the training and tools, staffing and knowledge to help you get the most technologically advanced dental options for a smile that is durable, healthy and beautiful.



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