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Fluoride — Too Much of A Good Thing?

Fluoride: The History In 1945 Grand Rapids, Michigan became the first community to have fluoride added to its municipal water supply to reduce the incidents of cavities in teeth. Since then America has had a love affair with it, adding fluoride to mouth rinses, toothpaste and water all over the country. Decades of study uncovered fluoride as the central reason for small pockets of communities with significantly lower incidence of tooth decay. Ultimately proving that groundwater with naturally occurring levels of were responsible for the lower ... Read more

Here We Come: First Dentist Visits

First Visits and Young Children The First Year By twelve months old your child can have as few as one or two teeth or as many as twelve teeth.  In the time between two and three years of age kids get their full set of baby teeth with molars appearing last and the front middle teeth usually emerging first. Often the exact moment a child's first dental visit is recommended can seem arbitrary. Sometimes recommendations call for a dental visit at age one ... Read more