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An Alternative to Gum Surgery

Every year hundreds of thousands of Americans are faced with the recommendation for oral surgery, primarily from gum recession and gum disease involving infections. The most common reason for loss of healthy gum tissue relating to the long term effects of serious periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, when left uncorrected, weakens and erodes the connective tissues between the tooth and the jaw bone, eventually becoming a key component in tooth loss and in making teeth more susceptible to tooth decay. As the weakened ... Read more

Choosing The Right Dentist

It is said that almost 80% of the population is afraid of the dentist. Some developed their fear from early childhood memories of being strapped to a papoose board. Some are afraid of the sound of the drill. Some just don't like lying in a prone position while a stranger hovers over them with hands in their mouth. But no matter what the reason, MOST people are afraid of the dentist on some level. Which makes choosing the right dentist for ... Read more

The Mansfield Dental Center Black Friday Deal is Coming… Are You Ready?

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Ceramic Tooth Implants Are Outpacing Traditional Titanium Restorations

Today the average adult in America will face the permanent loss of 3 or more adult teeth in their lifetime. That statistic has been cut in half over the last few decades and modern dentistry has been a big catalyst for the improvement. When an adult tooth is extracted due to injury or decay, the best scenario sees that tooth replaced with a permanent implant, traditionally that has been done with titanium posts. Restoration services can be performed with a variety of ... Read more
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