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Heather West, RDA

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Heather West RDA - Mansfield Dental CenterHeather has been interested in the dental field since she was 9 years old. She had a large overbite and a deficient lower jaw, so she started seeing an orthodontist and subsequently had about 4 years of orthodontic treatment. Heather’s orthodontist used her case as a show-and-tell on a television segment he appeared on. She was treated like a star when she went back into the office. From then on, she had a strong feeling she wanted to be in the dental field.

During a college day in high school, Heather learned about TSTI (now Texas State Technical College) in Waco and their dental assisting program. She enrolled in TSTI, graduated early, and started her journey in the dental field. Twenty-four years later, Heather still loves what she does and can’t see herself doing anything different. She loves to hear it when patients say things like, “This is the first time I have smiled showing my teeth in 10 years,” or, “That wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.”

Heather also really loves when she and the Mansfield team are able to do a charity case for a deserving patient. She feels great satisfaction in giving someone who is less fortunate a new reason to smile everyday. Heather chose the position at Mansfield Dental Center because she knew when she walked in that it was a clean, family friendly, comfortable atmosphere. After speaking to Dr. Buske, she knew that his visions for his practice were ones that she shared as well.