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Safe & Clean Dental Office

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“As a healthcare profession I was very pleased with your team as well as the appearance of your office. The care and attention you provided me was excellent. Keep up the good work, as there are many people to serve within our community. Thanks again!” 
Dr. Jason Gross, 5 stars

At Mansfield Dental Center in Mansfield, TX, we strive to exceed the state and federal guidelines for dental practices. Our office is extremely safe, clean, and organized. Our Mansfield dental office has a dedicated area with advanced sterilization technology where every instrument is wrapped, disinfected, and made ready before use. We have also invested in expensive, well-organized cassette systems that help keep our instruments from getting cross-contaminated. In addition, our sterilization processes, equipment, and instrumentation go through rigorous spore testing from third-party laboratories on a weekly basis to confirm that everything is completely sterile and safe for our patients and staff. Of course our treatment rooms are sanitized between patients, as well.

Safety & Security for Personal Information

The safety of your personal information is also important to us. Mansfield Dental Center is monitored and audited on a regular basis, ensuring compliance with all OSHA and HIPAA regulations. Patient data is gathered using secure systems, maintained on secured servers, and not shared with outside parties without explicit permission from the patient or guardian (such as when referral to a specialist is necessary). Much of the financial information patients give us is encrypted so not even our staff can see it.

Investing in Excellence

We do all this because we believe it’s just the right thing to do. It’s definitely not the norm for dental practices to invest in all these things, but we think it should be the standard. We worry about the safety, cleanliness, and security of your dental care so you’ll never have to!

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